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This category of Stonewater audio devices are used in commercial setups like Malls, Retail Shops & in the Hospitality Sector.



Professional speakers, amplifiers, mixers, and subwoofers are essential components of any sound system. Commercial speakers are designed to deliver high-quality audio output in large spaces such as conference halls, auditoriums, and concert venues. They come in various sizes and configurations to meet the specific needs of different applications.


Professional Amplifiers are electronic devices that increase the power of audio signals before they are sent to speakers. Commercial amplifiers are designed to provide high-quality sound reinforcement for large-scale sound systems. They come in different power ratings, and their features vary based on the application they are intended for.



Crossover audio systems are an essential component of any high-quality sound system. These systems divide audio signals into multiple frequency ranges, allowing different speakers to handle specific ranges of sound. The crossover ensures that each speaker receives only the frequencies that it is best suited to handle, resulting in a more accurate and balanced sound. Crossovers come in different types, including active and passive crossovers, and they can be configured for different speaker setups such as two-way, three-way or four-way systems. Overall, crossover audio systems are crucial in achieving a high-quality audio experience by ensuring that each speaker receives the right frequency range, resulting in a more accurate and balanced sound.



Professional Subwoofers are specialised speakers designed to reproduce low-frequency sound frequencies such as bass and drums. They are used to enhance the overall sound quality of a sound system and provide a more immersive audio experience. Commercial subwoofers come in different sizes and configurations, ranging from small compact models to large high-power subwoofers used in concert sound systems


Media Players

Media Pro audio systems are designed to meet the needs of professionals who require high-quality audio performance for their media production projects. These systems offer a range of features and components to ensure accurate sound reproduction and recording capabilities. Media Pro audio systems typically include components such as high-quality microphones, audio interfaces, mixing consoles, signal processors, and studio monitors. These components work together to ensure that audio is captured and reproduced accurately, making them ideal for media production tasks such as recording music, podcasts, and video production. Media Pro audio systems are often modular and customizable to meet the specific needs of different media production professionals, making them a valuable tool for anyone working in the audio production industry.

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